Isabella von Sichart



Trader Vic's
Fukuoka, 1999


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A collaboration between Architecture and Light and a Fukuoka based construction company. The restaurant located underground of a shopping mall transformed a mear sequence of bunker like gray underground spaces into a real dining experience.

Trader Vic’s, a popular world restaurant chain with it’s Hawaiian cocktails and French/American food, needed a new image. One that worked with the established Polynesian theme without turning it into kitsch. Always on the verge of extravagant, this was an architect’s dream project. The visitor will find, that every dining room has it’s own distinct look. He will notice changing lighting from day to night, a Chinese oven, a bar in the shape of a surf board, a bamboo ceiling and museum quality Polynesian artifacts, all this framed with amazing Japanese detailing. This is real dining theater, almost like Las Vegas, just much better.

IALD (International Association of Lighting Design)-2001 Compendium of Good Practice

SHOTEN KENCHIKU, Japan, 1999 06, Vol.44 Cover Story "New Shop and Environment"